About Us

SmartFocus is promoted by professionals with 100+ years of combined experience in various fields. We primarily provide VR solutions, Market Validation Services & Go-To Market Strategy, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Sales & Marketing Services for Products, Solutions, Prototypes, MVP's, Ideas & Concepts. We leverage Virtual Reality technology as a differentiator to provide for Market Validation and Go-To Market Strategy for Startups, UpStarts and SME's who can test their early stage ideas/concepts/prototypes even before production stage.


To create a sustainable value for all the stakeholders and to bring a paradigm shift in the lives of the people.


Bringing paradigm shift for citizens using latest technologies.


Our CSR is to give back to society in terms of empowering backward schools and teachers.

VR Solutions

VR for Education

Education through VR is the future.

We set up VR Lab in each institution which covers VR headset coupled with high quality 3D {Immersive and Interactive} {Grade 1 to 12} content linked with CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and STATE syllabus.

Our VR Lab comes with Report, Analytics and content management.


VR for Corporates

We provide customized VR solutions to Corporates for:

  • Campus Recruitment Drive
  • Campus Interview
  • Employee Induction program
  • Training
  • Promotional Activities
  • Brand Building
  • VR Relax


For Physical Products

With our statewide strong entrepreneurs/channel network platform covering each district, we offer market validation services for products, prototypes and MVP’s targeting Corporate, Startups and Upstarts in India and abroad. We engage with real people and do the on-field validation. This gives insights into their potentiality. Based on this we provide meaningful analytics to the customers covering aspects such as Market size, Availability, Competition, Pricing and Regulatory approvals.

For Virtual Products

VR Technology can be leveraged to showcase early stage products, MVPs, ideas and concepts before going to the production stage. VR content can be provided either by the customer or can be created by us. Even here, we engage with real people and do on-field validation by showcasing the VR content to obtain the necessary insights. Similar analytics as in the case of Physical Products can be provided to the customers.

We provide Go-To Market Strategy for Prototypes, MVPs, Products & Solutions to the customers who intend to test or roll out or expand. Customers can choose Go-To Market Strategy service both as a Standalone Service or in conjunction with Market Validation.

We provide end to end Sales and Marketing Strategy for Corporates, Startups and Upstarts who want to introduce their products, solutions, ideas, concepts, prototypes, MVP’s in India. We study extensively to prepare strategy documentation which covers:

  • Market
  • Competition
  • Distribution
  • Positioning
  • Promotion
  • Pricing
  • Delivery

Customers who want to introduce their products and solutions, we provide customized sales and marketing services from physical to digital platform for B2C, B2B and B2G which covers:


  • Collaterals preparation
  • Internet marketing
  • Creating Database
  • Cold Calls & Lead generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing campaign and Branding
  • Event management
  • Resource augmentation


  • Collaterals preparation
  • Direct sales
  • Distributor’s / Channel network
  • Online sales
  • Franchise appointment
  • Sales through partner & System Integrators
  • Resource augmentation


SmartFocus Private Limited

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